Empire’s Ralph Ferrara And The Final Gypsy Run


Earlier this year, Empire Harley-Davidson’s Ralph Ferrara took part in the final incarnation of the legendary Gypsy Run. He was nice enough to share his photos and experiences with us.  Read on to hear more about this amazing ride.

Ralph Ferrara

It was the final Gypsy Run.  I knew that no matter what I was determined to embark on this journey and be a part of it.  

The Gypsy Run was a motorcycle run fueled by alcohol, adventure, and mayhem.  A guttural roar echoed through the quiet farmland as two hundred motorcycles made their way to the campsite.  Their destination was Narrowsburg, New York the meeting place for Gypsy Run 10.  

We had blasted through scenic roads in New York and Northern Jersey and after five hours of riding we made it to the campsite.  Then it began to rain.  That prompted me to poorly set up my tent in the middle of nowhere.  After the rain stopped I met Travis, Junior, Kevin, Nicole, Jon-Luke, Joe, James, and Mark.  They took me into their group.  I moved my tent (with the help of Joe and James) to their spot under the pines and in the middle of a sea of all different types of motorcycles.  

It was everyone’s first Gypsy Run.  We came as strangers who made a solid group of friends.  It was one helluva a weekend!  I thought it was rad to find out that we all rode up solo and for the same reason, this was the final Gypsy Run.  We truly were there to partake in the motorcycle mayhem that was Gypsy Run 10.  

I felt bad for the tiny group of people who wanted to enjoy a quiet weekend of camping.  Those two nights I feel asleep to the sounds of heavy metal, motorcycles racing down the dirt road, and people having a great time.  It was the first time for the last time and I’ll never forget it!  

Walter from Kickstart Cycle Supply knows how to organize a party!  Check out @kickstartcycles and @gypsy_run on Instagram to see more photos of an amazing weekend.  Thanks Walter!

Check out more of Ralph’s Pics Below

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